How to re-create an Outlook Profile using the desktop app for Windows

When troubleshooting problems with Outlook not loading or connecting to Exchange Online, it can be useful to re-create the Outlook mail profile. This helps rule out issues with corrupt offline cache (.OST files) and old settings stored in the profile registry keys.

Follow these steps to re-create your Outlook Profile

  1. Open the Control Panel.

  2. Click Mail:


    The Mail Setup window is displayed.

  3. Click Show Profiles...:


    The Mail window is displayed.

  4. Click Add...:


    The New Profile dialog is displayed.

  5. In Profile Name, enter a suitable name. E.g. 'Office 365' or your name/email address:


  6. Click OK to proceed.

  7. Follow the Add Account wizard to add your mail account.

  8. Select Always use this profile to set the new profile as the default profile for Outlook to use:

  9. Click OK to proceed.

  10. Now launch Outlook. Allow time for the new profile to synchronise with Exchange Server. This process can take 20-30mins if your mailbox is large. Connection speed will need to be considered as well.

  11. After the mailbox synchronisation completes, try closing and re-opening Outlook. If everything is working ok with the new profile then you can safely remove the original profile:

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