This announcement is following on from the previous announcement related to Microsoft Commercial Cloud Price changes based on local currency fluctuations and move towards more consistent global pricing.

As mentioned previously, on-premises software pricing for AUD will also be adjusted which will impact SPLA licensing either through our hosted offerings or on-premise managed infrastucture licensing.

Our RemoteApp Platform infrastucture is underpinned by Microsoft server technology and these components are licensed via the SPLA program. Due to the multi-tenanted architecture of the platform, we do not bill each tenant/customer directly for the operating system licensing costs and instead build the costs into the overal service fee for the given resource plan you are using.

Due to the increase in licensing fees for on-premise Microsoft software a percentage adjustment has been announced for RemoteApp platform:

  • All RemoteApp Service Plans will increase by ~1.4% with rounding.

Friday, August 25, 2023

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