Starting September 1, 2023, Microsoft will adjust Commercial Cloud Prices for the Australian dollar (AUD) for local currency fluctuations and move towards more consistent global pricing. On-premises software pricing for AUD will also be adjusted which will impact SPLA licensing either through our hosted offerings or on-premise managed infrastucture licensing.

The percentage adjustments announced are as follows:

  • Australian Dollar (AUD) prices: Cloud + 9% and OnPrem/Hosted + 9%

New or renewing Microsoft Cloud and on-premises software services will adjust to the new prices starting September 1, 2023. You can preview the actual AUD price changes for any active service subscriptions in your account from August 25th, 2023 in our customer portal. Percentage changes on individual services may vary slightly from the above percentages due to pricing calculations and rounding rules. Some of our IaaS (Infrastucture-as-a-Service) offerings will see pricing adjustments to reflect the new increases in Microsoft licensing under-pinning these service offerings. There will be a further announcement made on price changes to our affected hosting services in the coming weeks.

For seat-based offerings in Microsoft 365:

  • Pricing for existing subscriptions for seat-based cloud services in legacy CSP and new commerce CSP are protected during the term of the subscription at the original billing price.
  • Expiring or New subscriptions (purchased on or after Sep 1, 2023) will be subject to the revised price list.
  • Adding seats to a subscription purchased before Sep 1, 2023 will be at the previous billing price throughout the subscription term.
  • If a customer upgrades to a more premium product during the term of an existing subscription and if the customer does not have an existing subscription for the more premium product, it is a new addition and therefore at the revised price.

For SPLA-based licensing either On-Premise or Hosted:

  • All product SKUs that are currently on the SPLA pricelist will see a 9% increase from September 1st billing period. 
  • This includes subscription licenses for on-premise servers managed by Raines Internet Solutions.
  • Service plans we provide that include Microsoft Licensing built-in to the resource fee (e.g. RemoteApp Platform) will see pricing adjustments to accomodate for the 9% increases across the underlying software platform.

For Azure Plan subscriptions:

  • Azure in New Commerce will not be affected due to US dollar pricing with monthly updated billing FX rates.
  • Azure Reserved Instance (RI) prices will be adjusted on Sep 1, 2023 for all new or additional orders. The price changes will have no impact on individual RIs that have already been purchased.
  • Azure consumption covered by new and existing Savings Plans will adjust to the new revised prices, starting Sep 1, 2023.
  • There is no price preview for Azure in CSP.

Microsoft have taken a unified approach to the price adjustment which will be equal for all categories of commercial and public sector customers, including government, education/academic and non-profit organisations.

Please read the official announcement from Microsoft here:

Friday, July 28, 2023

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